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Warning: some links go to content in spanish, sorry. And that's my opinion. You can agree or not, you are free!

Today is bad day for the spanish Digg-like Menéame (Shake me). The admins are banning hundreds of users in a tyranic way because these users didn't agree with the decision of one admin, Perl, to ban one of the most active users, MMPET.

This user did a post protesting for some admin attitude. And he was banned for this and publishing a list of public negative voters.

By the way, I'm one of the banned users, of course. I did everything to get banned as protest measure. And I was banned, after posting some troll-like news. That's absolutely right and I assume my actions. I know I provoked them.

That's price to advocate in favour of freedom. I think that nobody can allow to be banned with poor reasoning: MMPET was a very active user and he had been banned for suspicious microblogging, which is not allowed in Menéame, but it didn't matter when sometimes a clearly microblogging new achieved the front page. The real reason, as you can see here

In the net, there is a lot of info about it flowing everywhere, like Twitter, Meneame itself, some other blogs including MMPET's blog, etc.

There is a curious fact. There had been two big waves of banning actions. The second, after a few hours of calm peace, only broke by the trolling news (some mine) in the queue list, had been bloody. They banned more very popular users, just to be against them.

Of course, we can't deny the other side. Here you have the official answer from Menéame's blog.

Actually, it was something that everybody felt in the air (not in a phsycial way, of course). A lot of news were sunken by negative votes from the admins. A lot of arguments, flames, bad manners from everyone, etc.

It's a shame, because it was a great site but this is Internet and the show must go on. New possibilities are available, like Apezz, which seems to be down by the rush of users coming from Menéame, Digg, Reddit, etc.

For more information, check all the links and this one.

Sometimes democratic web goes wrong. Welcome to BAN DAY.

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